Sunday, September 13, 2009

Week-end Happenings and Article News

So, what should I tell you first? The good news or the really good news? I'll tell the really good news first.

The article that I worked very hard on last week and the week before was accepted! It will be published in AlterNative, an indigenous peoples journal, in November! I'll get the paper copy sometime that month! Woo hoo!

This does a lot to boost my confidence . . . I have this inferiority complex when it comes to submitting and getting peer-reviewed articles published. Sooo . . . yay!

The other good news is that I spent the week-end with one of my oldest friends, Paula, and her husband, Dwight. I met Paula on my first job after I received my undergraduate degree 23 years ago (WHAT!! Incredible that it was 23 years ago! Sheesh - that must mean I'm getting old, eh? LOL). They live in K. Falls - it was fun to just hang out and visit and talk. Paula and Dwight like to cook, so I always eat really really well when I'm there. Good, healthy food. They're into recycling, local food movements, organic gardening, and foraging on the landscape, whether it be huckleberries or sunstones or what have you. Great fun. Interesting people.

Well . . . time to chill out. Hope you all had a great week-end!


Daria said...

Congratulations on getting the article published ... good job!

mapdr said... always feels good when they accept it...a confirmation that your ideas are worthy of their audience. But geesh, after 23 years Iʻd like to hear that it gets easier...for my own future in academia. This does not leave me wanting to step into this profession. But then again, Iʻve got an over-inflated ego and know that everything I say is worthy (lol).

Dee said...

Thanks, Daria!

And, Renee, getting published might be easier for you. I always find writing articles to be a struggle because I have trouble with the theoretical part - the so what? The data collection and analysis part are easy for me, but phrasing it in terms of the academic literature is tough. I'm much more empirical and "thick description"! I bet you'll do better than I do!