Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Well Crap - Again

I think I have mentioned that the red rash is still there. I've been on the drug combination - Xeloda and Tykerb - for about two months now and it hasn't resolved. It may have stopped growing, but it hasn't really started to shrink. So, Dr. Kenyon today thought that we should go to radiation and get rid of the f*#&#n' cancer cells in that area for once and for all. I will meet with the radiation oncologist again next Tuesday.

What this means is that I might lose the tissue expander. And, it might cause the skin over the implant to slough off and I'd end up with an even bigger open wound. Crap.

Sigh. The ongoing saga . . .


jeanne said...

rash, radiation, lose, slough, wound, crap . . . this seems as good a time as any to post my first comment: Dee, you rock. My brother-in-law and I are huge fans. -- nyc jeanne

Dee said...

Hi NYC Jeanne,
Thank you for saying that, Jeanne. I appreciate the words of support/enouragement! I'm feeling a bit better - the idea is to rid my body of this s#*t - and if I end up without a boob, well, things could be worse, right?

Carver said...

I hope your appointment goes well with the radiation oncologist. You'll have my good thoughts beaming towards you. Whenever I talk about beaming thought, I laugh because I think of Star Treck which I grew up on and the "beam them up Scottie" or something like that. Although I won't physically be beaming up anywhere, I think my thoughts can.

Dee said...

Hi Carver,
Thank you! I grew up with Star Trek, too, so I burst out into a chuckle at "beaming thoughts". I'm doing better . . . hope you're doing well, too.

Jeanne said...

Dee (and NYC Jeanne)--this is funny, I saw Jeanne's name on the comments, and I thought, "Wait a minute, I haven't posted anything to this one--have I?"

It was a weird moment. But now I realize there are two of us. Welcome, Jeanne. I'm also a huge fan of Dee's. We share several things, including a love affair with the drug Tykerb.

Dee--this is a drag, I agree. And I will also be beaming you good thoughts and energy. Do you feel like getting a second opinion from Dr. Livingston?

Seattle Jeanne

Dee said...

Hi Seattle Jeanne,
About the second opinion from Dr. Livingston - my answer would be - maybe. I'd like to talk to the rad onc first and see how she responds to suggestions about trying to do LESS radiation and see how my body responds. If she insists on MORE, then I may want to chat with him.

You know what would be fun, though, is for the two of us to see Dr. L together? That'd be a fun trip.

My doctor, Dr. Kenyon, does consult with Dr. L and I know that he has spoken to Dr. L about me.

You know, both NYC and Seattle Jeanne's, when I saw NYC's comment, I thought it was Seattle - and her comment about her brother-in-law seemed strange as Seattle never spoke of this brother-in-law. I had to dig up a memory (chemo brain, you know) and it finally clicked that NYC Jeanne had emailed me a few weeks ago about my blog. NYC Jeanne also has breast cancer and I believe she may be starting chemo soon.

Anyway, I appreciate all three of your comments! They were much appreciated!

Jeanne said...

Hi again, Dee--my next appt. with Dr. L is June 16, which is a Monday. So if you want to schedule a consult for that same day or the following day, that would be way cool.

I'll probably be going down on the Sunday and leaving on Wednesday. Monica will go with me, as always.

Jeanne (Seattle)

Dee said...

Wow, Jeanne! Thank you for the offer. Unfortunately, though, I don't think I can do that particular appointment . . . I leave on June 18 for Wash DC and I fear that that would be too much traveling in one week. I'm also gone until June 22, so that'd mean a whole week away from Eddie - and that's his first week out of school . . . so, maybe next time! Bummer!