Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Eww!! The Cat Just Puked!

As I finished up that last post, I heard the cat in the hallway doing that hacking sound associated with throwing up. I hurried over and picked her up - she was on the carpet - and moved her to the floor. She still got some puke on the carpet and a bit on the wall and on the floor! Yuck! Cleaned and deodorized already. Man, it stunk, too. Gack!

Thank god she didn't do it last night. I would've fallen apart. Silver lining, huh?


jeanne said...

Adopting the Dee "the glass of cat puke is half full" lines: So it is GOOD that I broke my tooth (trying to eat HEALTHY, I ate some walnuts -- a teeny little shell...) this week rather than next week when I have chemo? I like your att, Dee. I do! nyc jeanne

Dee said...

Hi NYC Jeanne! Too funny - "the glass of cat puke is half full" That made me laugh. Sorry to hear you broke you tooth, though. But, yep, it's a good thing it didn't happen the same time as when you will have chemo . . . believe me, chemo is bad enough! Glad you visited, Jeanne!

Doug said...

Dee, Thanks for contacting Jane and me through our blogs. I have read through much of yours, and enjoyed getting to know you. Your face is familiar to me, so we must have crossed paths at some point.

We have had two cats; one for the last 18 years, and one for 14 years, and just the other day decided to have them boarded at the vet until Jane goes Home. We just didn't need another thing in our lives right now to consume our time. And I do know ALL ABOUT cat puke!


Dee said...

Hi Doug,
I'm glad you had a chance to visit and I only hope that you were able to access some of those jokes - I admit, some are pretty bad (i.e., potentially offensive) but they are funny.

You and Jane look familiar to me, too. Perhaps through Zion. Anyway, I wish you both well and that you and Jane enjoy these days as much as possible.