Wednesday, April 9, 2008

The Turmeric Experiment - Day 6

Hi everyone,
I had a great night's sleep, I finally figured out how to upload the mp3 file for "My Xeloda" onto the previous post with the help of our department secretary Loretta, a colleague is reviewing an article for which my coauthor and I have a final draft, I'm about halfway done with some proposal reviews for NSF, AND I think the skin wound where the skin mets were is healing!

So, it's a great day!

The first few days using the turmeric paste on the skin wound, I wasn't sure what was happening. On Sunday or Monday, I think, I actually felt something - like there was movement or something. I think that the turmeric was drawing out the toxins (which is one of its characteristics) as there was more fluid draining onto my dressing. Today, when I looked at the wound, it seemed that I saw new skin growing there.

In addition to the paste, I started taking turmeric in pill form on Saturday. The interesting thing is that I think it's made a difference in the acne on my face! How cool is that! I'm certainly not breaking out as much.

I also slipped on a yellow stripe on the curb and fell onto the sidewalk on Monday. I scraped my hand - when I got home Monday afternoon, I put the paste on it. It did sting, but later that evening, the band-aid showed that it drew out more stuff from the wound. I'd washed it and it'd stopped bleeding in the morning, but it bled again after putting on the paste. Interestingly, because the area was getting too big for the band-aids, I didn't put the paste on one small area. The next morning when I woke up, it looked red around that area. I figure it was getting infected, so I started putting paste on it.

Also, since taking turmeric in pill form, I think it's also helping the arthritis in my joints. That's another one of its properties, I think, that it helps the connective tissues. I certainly feel less achiness in my joints.

So, thanks to Sunil for sharing some of their turmeric spice and talking about it with me. I guess folks use it all the time in India.

I have great friends and colleagues, don't I? A big thanks this week goes to Heather (for the great song!) and to Sunil, for the turmeric. If the wound is really healing, I can't wait to share the news with Dr. Kenyon!


Carver said...

I'm so glad you had a great night's sleep. Also, cool about the tumeric helping in different ways. I'm sorry though that you fell. You have gotten me laughing so hard I can't stop with your outhouse stories in the comments on my blog. Thanks for that.

Dee said...

I guess I could put some of those outhouse stories on the blog, should I? Okay! I will! Look for an upcoming post.
Take care,