Sunday, April 13, 2008

Another joke - may be offensive

I haven't posted this joke that one of my friends gave me yet, because I wasn't sure whether or not it would be too offensive since it pokes fun at organized religion. So, please understand that I'm not posting this to be offensive, but rather because I find it funny.

Here it goes:

A man decided to buy a new bra for his wife, so he went to Victoria's Secret. When he arrived, the saleslady asked him if he needed help. He replied, "Well, I'd like to buy a bra for my wife."

The saleslady said, "You're at the right place. We have lots of colors, sizes, materials, and brands to choose from."

He looked overwhelmed, so the saleslady said, "But really, we have three kinds of bras. Catholic Church bras, Salvation Army bras, and Baptist Church bras."

He said, "But what's the difference?"

She answered, "Catholic Church bras support the masses. Salvation Army bras pick up the fallen. And, Baptist Church bras make mountains out of molehills!"

Whaddya think?

Sara, over at, said something in her post on Friday about making mountains out of molehills, which reminded me of the joke. So, I decided to post it! She's also teasing me for having a dirty mind over at Jeanne's blog (scroll down to the comments), so I told her that I'm not that kind of anthropologist - archaeologists are the one with the dirty minds because they dig other people's trash out of the ground! I don't have a dirty mind, right?


Carver said...

I think that's a funny joke and I would be surprised if anyone finds it offensive. Then again I'm frequently surprised, ha.

Jeanne said...

Dee--I too think it is funny. This kind of joke--three religious leaders in a canoe, that kind of thing--is so common that I think you'd have to be pretty uptight about your religion to take offense at it.

And handling it from an anthropological point of view gives you a free pass anyway. I mean you could analyze racist slurs, for example, and your audience would get what you were trying to do.