Saturday, April 5, 2008

Tip Toe Through the Tulips - Photos for Carver!

Yesterday, even though it was blustery with periods of sunshine, my friend, Brenda, and I "tip-toed through the tulips". We went to the Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm ( in Woodburn, Oregon, to see the first tulips blooming. It was fun to see these acres of tulips. Not all had bloomed. I especially had fun looking in the fields where multiple types of bulbs had been planted, which created rows of multi-colored tulips.

Carver, another blogger who takes very good photographs over at, usually takes photographs of flowers. I'm glad I brought my camera to take these photos because I thought Carver might like to see them. Unfortunately, I don't think my point and click-style of photography will do justice to the flowers . . . but hopefully she likes them nonetheless!

We also literally tip-toed through this field - because of some recent rain, the fields were pretty muddy. Afterwards, we devoured a large bag of popcorn - who'd-a-thunk walking through tulips would make us so hungry? It was a good day - change of scenery was fun! I bought some seeds for flowers - not sure just where I'm going to put them.


Carver said...

I think you got some good shots of the tulips. Great job! I love tulips and like the variety in the field. The yellow one with red highlights is so cool.

Dee said...

Thanks, Carver! I tried. Yeah, I liked the yellow one with the red highlights . . . there was another one that turned out pretty nicely, too, I thought. It was the red one with the pointy tips and white stripes. I'm sure you could've figured out how to adjust for the light exposure - I think some may have been overexposed. The ones I took when the sun wasn't out turned out better color-wise.