Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Cancer as a Roller Coaster Ride

I had a good day. It's amazing to me how much different things seem to me today than they did last night. I was in tears all night and even continued to shed a few more this morning. But after a good lunch with a friend and former grad student, Cathleen, and then a massage, it really changed my outlook. So, when I showed up for the planning appointment for radiation today, I was doing okay. The radiation tech, Brad, even remembered me from my radiation treatments five years ago. I was even able to share some of my favorite boob jokes.

So, here go the thank yous to everyone who gave me support last night and today. First, I want to thank my mom and dad, for being there for me in the past and up until today. They have been so willing to help me and rearrange their schedules and help take care of Eddie - I just want them to know how much I appreciate their help. I even barked at dad last night - I apologize for that. Other people who called and/or emailed their support are Tammy, David, Sunil, Brenda, Carver, Jeanne, Missy, Laurie, and Cat. Thank you all!

I also had a massage today and that always helps! Thanks, Samaritan Rejuvenation Lounge, for offering a free massage to cancer patients!

So, this gets back to my title - dealing with cancer is really like a roller coaster ride - it seems like there's some really low lows and really high highs. I had been living life on a somewhat even keel lately, so it does come as a surprise when the roller coaster ride starts up again. When is it time to get off the ride?

That just makes me think of my son - he loves roller coaster rides. And, if he could stay on the ride all day, he probably would. I guess I'll remember how much he enjoys those rides next time the damn thing takes off again!

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