Monday, April 21, 2008

Side Effects Update

Today is Day 18 on the turmeric experiment. I really believe that the open wound is healing. My ob/gyn thought that it only looked superficial on Friday. Today, it looked like the outside layer of skin is trying to form. I see Dr. Kenyon on Wednesday and will see what he says. I also believe that part of the red rash is fading, although there is one small area that wants to stay red.

On the other hand, I am starting to see more symptoms of hand-n-feet syndrome. The tips of my fingers are cracking, but mostly, all of my fingers are really red and I can no longer tolerate hot showers or washing dishes under hot water. Last week, after walking a lot, I ended up with painful blisters on the balls of my feet (under some small callouses, wouldn't you know?) and it hurt to walk. So, I took myself off of Xeloda on Thurs and Fri in order to let my body recover. My feet seem to be doing okay now, although I can't stand for too long these days.

All in all, though, even with these complaints, my side effects are tolerable. I continue to get good sleep and am staying active with both work and house projects, and helping Eddie at school. Hanging with friends when I can, too! I painted my bathroom this week-end - it's a little wild, but I think I like it. I will post pictures in the next couple of days!


Carver said...

Hi Dee, I'm sorry about your hands and feet. That sucks. I'm glad though that you are getting good rest and that the tumeric seems to be helping. I couldn't believe you got some snow this late. I hope it's passing on by and spring will be with you for good soon. Take care, Carver

Dee said...

Hi Carver,
Yeah, the snow this week-end is bizarre. We're all hoping for warmer weather soon - my lilacs will be blooming soon and some of my tulips have bloomed as well. And, yep, the hand-n-foot syndrome kinda sucks, but overall it's a minor side effect that I'm able to monitor - just took myself off of Xeloda long enough to make them feel normal. I'm back on it again, but I will keep it at the smaller dose (2 in the am and 2 in the pm Mon to Fri) for now. I saw what happened when I increased it to 3 and 2. Take care!