Friday, April 11, 2008

Turmeric Experiment, Day 8

I just had a chance to check on the progress of the open wound and I think that it's healing nicely. The wound doesn't seem as deep as before and most of it looks pink and healthy. Cool, huh?

I reported earlier in the week that my face break-outs are better than before. I noted earlier, I'd upped my dose of Xeloda and I found that my face started to break out a bit more. I cut my dose today, though, so hopefully it clears up!

Happy Sunny Day!


laurie said...

Hey Dee. Turmeric is a wonder food. for sure. When I was in India a couple of decades ago, I remember people using it for first aid purposes. Do keep us posted.
Thanks for visiting my blog today.
Did you notice that we have the same last name? I wonder if we are related? ;-)

Dee said...

Wow, Laurie. Never realized we had the same last name. Interesting! My family on my dad's side traces our ancestry to a George Kingston who left on a ship from Cork County, Ireland, in 1798. At one point, I think my family was in Pennsylvania . . .

laurie said...

I know nothing about my family history, except that my grandfather came from Ireland, as well. Both my parents are from New Brunswick, in Canada (and I was born there, too).