Monday, April 21, 2008

Crazy Weather Makes You Do Crazy Things

Recently, I posted a picture of some snow on my bench. Believe it or not, we received more snow this past week-end. I woke up to snow on the ground yesterday. I took some pictures, but they didn't turn out very well, so I won't post them. But I bet you'll agree that the weather was kinda crazy, especially since a week ago on Saturday, my car said the local temperature was 81 degrees out.

It is my contention that crazy weather makes you do crazy things. I decided to paint the cabinets in my bathroom a week or so ago. But while cleaning those cabinets, I decided I absolutely needed to clean the walls, too. Then, I decided to paint the walls. Now, it's either my camera or it's me (probably me), but I can't get great inside shots - because the walls were not yellow, as you can see in these shots, but white. At any rate, here's a view of my bathroom before painting.

You can see the sink and the dark wood cabinets underneath them. And, in the mirror, there is a bit of a reflection of the linen closet.

And, now here's a view of the door leading out to hallway.

And, finally this shot of the window, opposite the door.

You know how you start a home-improvement project and it just mushrooms into a bigger job? Well, as I was wiping down the cabinets, I saw how dirty and dingy the walls were. So, I wiped them down and then decided to paint them, too. I got up at 6am on Sunday just to finish taping (man, so many things to tape around in a bathroom - the shower, the tub, the trim, the toilet, the towel racks (too lazy to take them out), curtain rods, mirrors and light fixtures!!). So, I'd finished the cabinets on Saturday and had started on the walls. But before bed on Saturday, I decided that the cabinets were too blue and the walls were too yellow and both needed to be toned down. So, I added white and yellow stripes to the cabinets (to match my rugs and towels) and then added white and blue random brushstrokes over the yellow walls. I fear the effect is too busy. I kinda like it, though. I plan to ask peoples' opinions when they come over and just see what they say.

So, here's the cabinet under the sink. Also, look in the mirror to see the linen closet and the door.

And, here's a shot of the door leading to the hallway:

Finally, here's a shot of the window.

On the one hand, I kinda like it. The random brushstrokes of white and blue seem to tone down the yellow and then the stripes on the cabinets tone down the blue. And, it all matches the rugs and towels. But on the other hand, I fear it's too busy. What's your take on it? I would love to hear opinions, good and bad. And, if bad, suggestions about what I should do! Thanks!


Carver said...

I think it's fun. I like the random strokes. I hope you are recovering from all that painting and that the crazy weather settles down soon.

Dee said...

Hi Carver,
I feel more like myself today! No snow today - just windy and rainy. I have an appointment with my oncologist today . . . I wonder what he's going to think about the open wound!

Thanks for your comments about the bathroom . . .

Jeanne said...

Brave soul! I have yet to paint my bathroom (and I've been in the house almost nine years so it's really time) for exactly the reason you mentioned--all that masking tape. And the tight corners.

I really like the stripes. I think it works. I'll check it out for you in person when I visit, but from the photos it looks good. I'm impressed that you could do that in a weekend. My house projects are always lagging ...


Dee said...

Hi Jeanne,
My friend, Brenda, came over last night and she said she really liked the stripes, too, and then gave me a couple of ideas to tone down the business. She also liked the random strokes, but agreed that it might be too much. The idea, I think, is repaint two of the walls around the mirror and make them a plain white and then maybe do another small area, a plain blue. It's just that around the sink and the mirror, there's too much going on. So, when I'm up to it again, I'll tackle the problem.

Unfortunately, I think I started paying for my week-end yesterday! All of a sudden, I ended up with a very tight lower back - it ached to stand up from sitting or laying down. I tried to stretch it out and put heat on it, but it was still tight and achey this morning. Walking around today seems to have loosened it up.