Friday, April 25, 2008

Turmeric Experiment, Day 22

I keep forgetting to mention that Dr. Kenyon thought that the open wound was indeed healing. The white areas I saw are the upper layers of skin trying to form. I think he was happy that the wound was healing as quickly as it is. I mentioned this to the rad onc the other day - that I have an open wound, that I'm using turmeric and that it seemed like it was working, and her reply was that we may delay radiation for another week to allow the skin to finish healing there. I was relieved that she was willing to do that . . . now if I can just figure out how to keep another open wound from occurring, I'd be really happy!

A sunny day today - yay! Also, I'm meeting with Sara Gelser at 11am to talk about drug repositories, then I'm attending a lunch with a woman who does research(?) on narratives and illness, then a massage at 1:15pm. So, it should be a good interesting day! Have a good one out there!


S.D.H. said...

Dr. Kenyon is awsome. I have always liked his approach. I am sending you energy so that all this crap is diminished or is eliminated. REMISSION FOREVER!! You have always exuded healing energy Deanna. Sunny days to you always. :)

Keep up the good work Deanna.

Have a good one. Peace.


Dee said...

Thank you, Scott! I really wish this crap would go away - it's time to help it go away with the radiation. I'm glad you stopped by to visit. Take care, Dee