Sunday, March 20, 2011

Spring Break Plans

Yesterday, I worked on edits for an article in my office. (Eddie is at his dad's house this weekend.) Then I treated myself by driving to Spirit Mountain Casino and playing for a few hours. In the end, after about 4 hours of play, I broke even. AT one point, I was $30 up. It was fun just being on my own.

Today, I need to do some work around the house. Laundry. Filing papers. Dust my room. Mop the spare bathroom. Clean the big bathroom. Maybe take some stuff to Goodwill, in the ongoing mission to declutter the house. Eddie comes home around 6pm.

Tomorrow, I will take Eddie and a classmate to laser tag in Eugene.

Tuesday, it looks like Eddie and I might go to the Coast with a friend and her dog (Eddie really likes this dog).

Wednesday, I have three appointments and lunch with a colleague.

Thursday, I have a CT scan and an appointment with my oncologist.

Friday, I may take Eddie to Portland to OMSI - and then later on, pick up a friend from the airport. I may wait and take Eddie to Portland the next day or the day after. We'll have to see how things work out.

I plan to work as much rest in there as possible. I also need to work on a syllabus for my Spring Term class, Research Design. And, figure out how to use Dropbox.

A busy but fun week is emerging.

Countdown: 12 days and 24 dressing changes - 23 after I shower this morning. Surgery will be so welcome. No matter how I do the dressing, it leaks out somewhere. The damn thing is draining so much. I might have to go to three dressing changes a day.

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