Monday, March 7, 2011

Presentation at Work Went Well

My colleague, K., and I presented a preliminary paper on Birds of King Island today for a class on campus. We'd gone to a cabin in the woods a week or so ago, which gave me time to begin doing background research on the topic.

It's been actually pleasant (maybe even fun) to go through and read old ethnographic notes and reports on IƱupiat culture and particularly bird symbolism, art, and folklore. Reminds me of one of the reasons why I love my work! It was fun putting together the slides and finding some good images.

I think that the presentation went fairly well today. I think most of the students enjoyed it, although I saw a couple napping off to the side.

My colleague, K., had already done a lot of work on the powerpoint, so my own work was fairly easy to pull together. Thanks, K.!!!

I'm tired, though. There's a big outlay of energy for that kind of work. I also didn't sleep long enough this morning. I also think the pain takes a lot out of me. I felt fine during the presentation as I had Tylenol 90 min before and the gabapentin (i.e., neurontin) about 30 min prior. But it's been hard this evening as the meds wore off.

A good day.

P.S. Dad got a temporary pacemaker today. He had a couple of episodes last night and then again after mom left this afternoon -the ones this afternoon were bad enough that they decided not to wait. Afterwards, dad even had an appetite. So, progress!

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