Friday, March 4, 2011

A Friday

I canceled my dental appointment today - figured if I'm fighting some infection, I shouldn't have dental work done.

I took Eddie to school. Then relaxed for a bit, took mom to the hospital, then went to my office to meet with a student. We had a great conversation - this is one of the reasons why I love my job.

But because I was still tired, I came home. Watched a movie. Tried to work on a syllabus, then picked Eddie up from school.

Relaxed some more. Worked a bit more on the syllabus.

Then, it was time to go to Eddie's school's auction. The food was good and got caught up on the latest with a couple of other moms. I helped a bit with data entry on the silent auction items, then I got tired when I finished that part, took Eddie and came home. Good thing, too, my dressing was just starting to leak.

Dad was supposed to come home today, but she had a bit of a panic attack and had some arrhythimia, so they decided to keep her until tomorrow.

I'm going to take Eddie to play laser tag tomorrow and we'll meet the son of another of the Puttin' on the Pink models. That will be fun. Other than that, pay bills, submit claims to the health care spending account, work on a syllabus, and work on a powerpoint for Monday's presentation.


Oh, I forgot. OHSU is not able to schedule the surgery until April 22nd. Something about how one of the docs didn't have an 8-hour block of time for the surgery. Which sucks because the mass under my armpit is growing slowly and causing some more pain. My brother accidentally bumped into my right shoulder yesterday - and his shoulder hit one of the growths. It hurt and now that particularly growth has like a black or dark purple bruise. In other words, the sooner I have surgery, the better.

I'm going to have a Herceptin treatment on Tuesday, but I'm thinking something more drastic is going to have to happen sooner rather than later.

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