Thursday, March 24, 2011

CT Scan this am

cT scans take a lot out of me. Not sure if it is the iodine contrast, the fact that I don't get breakfast until afterwards, or maybe I just didn't sleep well. I need to take it easy this pm.

Anyway, I will need to see if I can schedule appointments with Dr. K after a CT scan more often. He pulled it up as soon as I told him I had it. The good news ismthat it seems like the blood supply to the latisimus muscle does NOT have cancer involvement, so I will get the easier pedicle flap, which means the blood supply is still attached to the flap with reconstruction. It is a shorter surgery and a faster recovery time!

It was hard, though, to keep my left arm above my head because of the pain. I just tried to deep breath through the pain and when I felt myself stiffening up with the pain, I just tried to relax arm and shoulder muscles.

The other spots of cancer (sclerotic or scarred lesions - where there are calcium layers around clusters of cancer cells - in the bone marrow were stable and the tumor at the sternum) were stable. The lung was okay, we think.

Dr. K did say he isn't a big fan of surgery, but I just kept saying that I wanted this thing off/out of my body. I am so tired of changing wound dressings. I hope he understands that chemo wasn't controlling it.

Anyway, he is okay with the surgery and said he would trust the surgeons when they say that this is the right course of action.

I am so ready!

Countdown: 7.5 days and 15 dressing changes.

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Joanna said...

Overall, this sounds really positive. Soon you will really be on the mend!