Friday, March 11, 2011

Dad's Home . . . and Fatigue . . . and Flexible Spending Accounts

Dad came home yesterday afternoon. She is finally eating more solid foods and we are all working to figure out our new roles in the household. I expect we'll continue to settle into these new roles for awhile.

I have also been experiencing fatigue in the late afternoons and evenings. I still manage to get out and about sometimes, but I'm really just gonna try to sit and relax as much as possible.

I also signed up for a healthcare flexible spending account and while I occasionally have issues with insurance reimbursements (taking sometimes over two months to get reimbursed for acupuncture) and with the billing department at the hospital or the clinic, I must say working with ASI Flex has been a real pleasure. They are prompt with the processing and reimbursement of my claims. I filed a claim on Sunday evening and was reimbursed by Thursday. A heck of a lot better than 2+ months for insurance reimbursements. The flexible spending account also allows me to claim up to the amount I contribute over the year, even if I haven't paid the full amount into the account yet. So, for instance, if I have $1000 taken out of my check over 12 months, I can claim the whole $1000 in January if I want to. What this means is that at the beginning of each calendar year, I have a $1,000 out of pocket maximum. That often means that I will get a bill from the hospital for about $1000 in March - so while I haven't paid that much in yet, I can still claim it and pay the bill. This week, I got the reimbursement before the bill was due, so now I have the cash to pay it. Whew! The money they take out of my check is also pre-tax dollars, so it lowers my total tax bill.

It's always nice to end on a positive note, eh? : )

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