Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Health Updates

I apologize for not posting more often. I've been busy as usual, but also tired.

Dad is still in the hospital, but now out of the ICU. She is walking farther and faster, which is good. However, they haven't been able to drain the fluid from her lungs because her blood is too thin. So, she can't take in a full breath and is still on oxygen. If they can drain the fluid from her lungs today, then she will probably come home on Friday. When she comes home, she may be on oxygen and use a walker, so we need to make the house somewhat handicapped accessible.

As for me, because the operating rooms at OHSU are in such demand and the surgeon and plastic surgeon are busy with surgeries, it looks like the earliest I'll get in for surgery is April 1. This is good because it will allow our family to adjust to having dad at home recuperating from such a major surgery.

This is bad, though, because I am getting increased pain. I mentioned how the upper back of my left arm is tender and sometimes tingly and numb to the surgeon and he mentioned that the cancer is probably in the nerve (or around the nerve?). In the last couple of days, I've also felt pain in the front of my arm/shoulder and extending down the underside of my arm. Also, I discovered the back of my hand is tender. Then, when I raise my arm level, then flex my hand down, I can feel a tightness (cording?) in the muscles or nerves on the back of my forearm and ending in that tender spot on the back of my hand.

So, since the surgeon planted the idea that I had nerve pain in my head, I contacted my oncologist's office and he started me on the generic drug for neurotonin. I had it last night and it put me to sleep. It also took care of the pain, but now I can feel it again, so time for another one.

I can't really sleep on my left side anymore, so it's either on my front or my back and sometimes the pain bothers me when I sleep on my front. So, now a sore back since I'm sleeping more on my back. I'll need to get a bolster for my knees.

I'll have another dose of Herceptin and Zometa next week as neither of those targeted therapies compromise my immune system for surgery.

An April 1 surgery messes up my teaching schedule - I canceled the second day of classes on March 31 since a lot of our students will be at a conference anyway. I have colleagues coming in to talk to my class on March 29, April 5, and April 7.

I was also supposed to go to Vegas for a conference April 20-23, but that will only be three-weeks post-surgery, so I don't think I will be able to fly . . . will have to ask about that.

The stress got to me yesterday. Something happened at work that tipped me over the edge. Luckily my therapist helped me through it and I'm less upset about it.

I'm also dropping a lot of balls at work and only doing the bare minimum.

It will all work out. Time to begin living in the moment . . .

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Joanna said...

Hi Dee,

Are the doctors concerned about making you wait? I would think that your surgery would be considered a priority. I am so hoping you get over this asap. I am hoping for a really amazingly fast recovery from surgery for you.