Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Only a Few More Days

I try to be fairly consistent with pain meds - I alternate Tylenol with Gabapenten. I usually take the Tylenol in the early morning hours when I wake up (like around 4am). Then I take Gabapenten with breakfast, then after lunch, and then before bed because it makes me drowsy.

But today, I think I forgot the Gabapenten after lunch. I took Tylenol about 2:30, but by the time I picked up Eddie at 3pm, I kept getting this persistent *ZING* in the middle of the mas, pressure on the implant, a kind of burning/tenderness from the shoulder down the back of my arm, and the one satellite lesion that is just below the shoulder in the back was *ZINGING*, too. Everytime I leaned back, whether in the car or on my bed, it would hurt.

When the pain meds wear off, sometimes I can feel the heavy weight of the growth, just dragging down my whole shoulder.

Anyway, when the Tylenol still wasn't helping an hour after taking them, I decided to take another dose of Gabapenten and assume that I forgot to take it.

I'm back to feeling relatively pain-free. But man, the pain was intense. I had to beg out of a meeting this afternoon. I could just feel my face tighten with pain and I knew I'd be focused on that rather than the subject of the meeting.


Joanna said...


I know each day seems like an eternity and with what you are dealing with, your perceptions are right on. The surgery can't come quickly enough.

Hang in there and best wishes for a complete recovery.

mapdr said...

Stay positive, stay focused. Take care of that which matters most - your health. All else like the meeting does not mean much if you are not healthy. Being in pain changed who we are bcs it changes how we respond to things. Taking the extra pain meds at this point was a good call. The closer you get to your perceived "finish line" the more shit happens. I know the ultimate "finish line" is being cancer free, but goals like this surgery are things you can focus your energy on and once succeeded (and enjoyed) you can then ramp up your energy for the next phase. Good on you my dear. You will have our prayers going into Friday.

Dee said...

I can get by fairly easily - I mean I taught a 2- hour class earlier in the day because the pain was under control. I feel fairly normal when they are working. But when it stops working, it really becomes persistent. It took me several hours to get comfortable yesterday evening.

I think my body is just trying to tell me that surgery is the right thing to do. I know that there will be pain, but having done something this surgery two years ago, I also know that the pain won't last long and that it improves drastically on a daily basis.

I know it will be soon. By this time next week, I will be in a completely different situation, health-wise.

Dee said...

BTW, Joanna and Renne, thank you for your wishes and prayers!