Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A Good Couple of Days

On Sunday, I used a LePatisserie gift certificate, given to me by a friend and colleague, to buy some yummy treats that I (and my family) snacked on all day. We had a croissant, an almond croissant, a "ganache", and a mixed fruit tart. YUM! I think the sugar, though, woke me up every couple of hours that night. Most of the day was spent doing a little cleaning around my room (filing away papers) and I ran some errands with mom. Plus, I watched some Harry Potter movies.

On Monday, I had to go to a faculty meeting (goodbye winter fellowship! I'm so sorry to see you go!). That signals the loss of freedom as I will be expected to do more service around the department again. Some members of the department spent the first 45 minutes complaining. I wont' say about what; suffice it to say that I think it's a moot point and is not something I want to waste any energy on. We finally got to the business at hand after that.

Then I took Eddie and his classmate to Putters Family Entertainment in Eugene so they could play laser tag. The boys also played in the Arcde and they played mini-golf. I think they had a great time.

Yesterday, Eddie, a friend of mine and her corgi, and I went to Lincoln City. We stopped and walked on the beach in Newport (just a few minutes as it was sprinkling) and then had lunch. Then off to Chinook Winds Arcade, where Eddie played in the Arcade again. He asked to go to their day care center while my friend and I went to the outlet mall (found four shirts, a hood, and a pair of khaki cargo pants for dad for $40). We then had time to spend about 30 minutes at the casino. After that, we went to the beach at Road's End and other than a slight breeze, it was beautiful. The sun was shining through some high clouds and the tide was high. We had a nice short walk, then we stopped at McMenamin's Lighthouse Brewpub and had ice cream - Eddie had a vanilla milkshake and my friend and I had marionberry crumble with ice crea. The dessert was everything I shouldn't eat (other than the berries), but I figured I was on vacation. We got home about 7pm. I was tired, but pleasantly so.

Today - appointments. Wound care nurse, acupuncture, and a teeth cleaning. Also lunch with a colleague and friend. I need to pick up some stuff at work and then I'll take Eddie to Wacky Bounce, where I'll work on my spring term syllabus.

Tomorrow - a CT scan and a visit with my oncologist. Then, work. Maybe bring Ed to Wacky Bounce again.

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