Thursday, February 4, 2010

No News is Good News

I've been silent the past few days. Part of it is that I really don't have any new news to report. I'm having an echocardiogram tomorrow - mostly because we need to monitor my heart due to Herceptin and Tykerb and I haven't had one for over 18 months - and partly because this is the last step before they determine eligibility for the UW immunotherapy trial.

I've also been silent because I have been fatigued in the evenings. Part of that is certainly due to my treatment but part is because . . . I've stayed up past 11pm the past couple of nights, watching TV and working or playing on the computer. Bad habit. My goal is to get to sleep by 10:30 or 11pm so I can get that extra hour.

Trying to work on small projects at work - I have an interview later this morning and then a lunch meeting. We're going to grab some soup over at the library - it's a fundraiser for Linn Benton Food Share and the staff brought in homemade soups. Mmm mmm good.

I finished my taxes last night and submitted them - I'm getting a few hundred more than I expected, which will go toward paying off my car, but also a little mini-vacation to the southern Oregon Coast next week-end. Eddie has a 5-day week-end so we're taking advantage of it!

Plus, I got a bit more on my insurance reimbursement for acupuncture than I expected - they also paid for herbs. I called them to make sure it wasn't a mistake and the person who helped me said not to worry - I may not get the herbs reimbursed next time. It depends on how the person processing the claim codes it.

We've sold about $200 worth of things on Craigslist - we meaning me and my family. We're selling all the furniture we don't need. It's enough to allow Dad to buy wood to make raised beds for the garden. We still have a lot of stuff in the garage to sell . . . but gradually, we're getting more and more room in there.

My swollen lymph nodes are no longer shrinking. They seemed to shrink a little bit (maybe from 5cm to 4cm). I'm just happy with the thought that they did shrink and I hope that my next Herceptin treatment shrinks them further!

Otherwise, I'm doing well. Tired, but in good spirits. I can walk around and see things sprouting everywhere. We're having an El Nino year, which accounts for our warmer than normal winter. Things are sprouting and blooming several weeks early. No complaints!


Carver said...

Glad to hear you are in good spirits Dee. I hope you can get the rest you need.

Daria said...

You have a lot going on ... take time and rest.