Saturday, February 13, 2010

Brookings, Oregon

My family (my folks, my two brothers, and Eddie) and I are in Brookings, Oregon, this weekend. Brookings is almost as far south as you can get on Hwy. 101, before you get to California.

We got here on Friday afternoon - and it was raining! We had sun, though, shining through the clouds from Reedsport to Gold Beach. Today, it was dry and we saw sun here and there. We are staying near the mouth of the Winchuk River. (I made a silly rhyme: How much chuck can a winchuk win if a winchuk could win chuck? LOL) We crossed the river and then walked south down the beach . . . and made it ALL the way to California! Hee hee. It's about 0.8 miles away. It was a nice walk and I picked up pieces of interesting driftwood, rocks, and shells. I love the beach - it makes me feel relaxed and calm and also it energizes me. It makes me happy!

This past week was busy - long (for me) days at work, Eddie's Valentine's Day party, and then preparing for this trip. I had a couple of appointments (as usual) and on Thursday, found out the results of my echocardiogram: normal heart function with an LVEF (left ventricular ejection fraction) of 55, in the normal range. So, now I just wait to hear if I'm eligible for the UW trial.

That left armpit with the swollen lymph nodes has been a little more painful again, which means it's swelling.

I'm realizing lately that I might not be able to play volleyball much - maybe not anymore, but at least for the foreseeable future. It's a combination of potentially getting rib fractures (they've been a little more tender since playing volleyball last week) and fatigue. I think the swollen lymph nodes won't always be a problem like they are now. That makes me a little sad, to realize that cancer has taken away this activity that used to be a lot of fun; I just need to replace that with more walks on the beach, I think! Maybe not playing volleyball is a little inevitable: I'm older now and not as limber and I might have been tired anyway in the evening.

Tomorrow, we're going to head down into California and go hiking among the redwoods. I also want to get another walk on the beach.

I have a fun picture to post - but I'll get it there tomorrow. I'm tired! The long drive yesterday, watching the opening ceremonies for the Olympics, and the walk into California has me tired! Oh, we went to a local gathering today - the Art and Chocolate Festival.

I'm glad I'm here - I just need to get to bed early tonight and relax! Have a great week-end everyone!

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