Monday, February 8, 2010

Long Day

I had a long day at work today - well a long one for me. I got to work by about 8:30am and left about 5:15pm. By the time I left, I crashed, big time. I was so tired. I've been dragging all evening. I didn't help with dishes and then I sent my brother to 7-11 for an ice cream treat. Man, I'm tired tired tired.

But, in good spirits. I was able to get a couple of things done at work today.

My other brother, Kevin, is going to join us in Brookings this week-end. Yay! The more the merrier . ..

Anyway, have a great week!

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Liz Kreger said...

Good that you were able to take it easy by evening. The fatigue resulting from Herceptin does take some getting used to. After awhile you probably won't even notice.