Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Pics from Brookings Trip

Here are some selected pictures from our trip to Brookings this past week-end. They aren't in chronological order . . . too lazy to do the cut and paste! Enjoy!

Here's a picture of Whaleshead Beach below - a few miles north of Brookings.

Here's another shot of Whaleshead.

And, this is a shot looking up at the tall redwoods in the Jedediah Smith Forest.

And, here's another shot of the tall redwoods from another perspective.

And, this is a shot of my brother, Kevin, and Eddie.

And, here's a shot of both of my brothers, Scotty and Kevin, and Eddie.

This tree had an interesting smaller tree growth coming out of its side.

I've been giving Gnomie (the "World Famous Traveling Gnome" who belongs to one of my friends) a tour - I took him to Victoria with me and then brought him to the Redwoods. We take pictures of him in a lot of places. He even has his own Facebook page! Anyway this is a shot of him near the Elephant Tree - if you see the branch that is coming out to the right of the tree, you can see it looks kinda like an elephant's trunk.

Here's a picture of my dad, my parents' dog Mimzi, and Eddie on the tram that flew us among the tree tops. Eddie was having fun!

Here's a picture of Eddie - we walked into California on the beach. : )

Here's another interesting tree - the trunk fell sideways and now three new trees are growing out of the trunk. They call it the Candelabra Tree.

Hope you enjoyed!

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Carver said...

Great shots. Looks like so much fun. Wonderful place to spend family time.