Saturday, February 6, 2010

Lazy Saturday

Today, we didn't really have any plans ... and we couldn't come up with any that really sounded interesting. Dad had a head-ache. Scotty went to the Alice in Chains concert in Salem. Mom and I ran a few errands. Then, after lunch, I took Eddie to Wacky Bounce. We came home and ate dinner - mom made hamburgers.

This evening, I made Eddie's Valentine's Day box for his Valentine's party next week. He "helped" me by decorating it. I thought that because he enjoys his wii so much, we'd make a "kart", as in Mario Kart. I tried to find stickers of racing, but in the end, what I found was stickers of roller coasters. So, I made "Eddie's Coaster Kart", complete with a roller coast made of pipe cleaners on the lid. In the end, I enjoyed the creative process to make the kart - from the roller coaster, to seat belts for Mario and Luigi, to the wheels. Mom and dad even got into helping me figure out how to do things.

Here's one side . . .

And, here's the other!

I had fun. A good way to spend an evening!

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