Friday, April 3, 2009

The World is Trying to Tell Me Something

Recently, in the past week, I've read about two other bloggers that are working or have changed their diets so that they don't eat processed foods and especially sugar and fats. I have to admit that while I think I generally have a good diet, I have kept not given up on sugary foods. I don't eat fatty foods hardly at all (occasionally french fries but I'm getting to the point where I don't like them anymore). It's the sugar that gets me.

For a long time, I only had a thin layer of margarine on my toast, but last year, I started putting jam (I had some homemade jam from Kai and I think Agnes M that I used), but after I ran out of the jam, only having margarine on my toast was boring. So, lately, I've had cinnamon toast, which includes a bit of sugar and then cinnamon. Cinnamon is a good spice - I think I read that it has antiinflammatory properties. But, it's the sugar. Also, after lunch or dinner, I do crave some form of chewy candy. Lately, it's cinnamon bears or red licorice. In Norway last week, I ate a lot of milk chocolate. I've also been drinking diet pepsi more, too, for my daily caffeine (I drink chai in the morning, but toward lunch, I have the diet pepsi). The artificial sweeteners in pop (soda) are not supposed to be good for you.

Anyway, since these two bloggers (Jill and Jeanne from NYC) have mentioned getting rid of sugar in their diets and how that might keep their bodies healthier and able to fight off cancer, I think I need to make a stronger effort to eliminate sugars from my diet and cut down on the pop.

Shoot. But there's a greater good there, too, right? Eyes on the prize and all that. I don't think I'll completely eliminate those things from my diet, but maybe cut down on the amount I have on a daily basis. I think my acupuncturist might say that a little bit won't hurt you. Once last year, I mentioned that I had a couple of beers after a softball game and I told her that I know I shouldn't drink. Her reply was, "Did you enjoy yourself?" and I said that I did. And, she replied something that implied, "let go of the guilt. You had fun." I just think that I've been letting go of the guilt a bit too much lately. Time to do more to eliminate a bit more of that stuff from my diet.

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