Sunday, April 19, 2009

Beautiful Sunday

So, I'm doing well. Had a great day yesterday - busy, but good. Grocery shopping, then to a garage sale given by the mom of one of Eddie's classmates. I ended up getting a set of metal panels, painted green, with grapes and vines as a design, that I plan to incorporate into my mandala patio/garden space. I also bought an El Salvadorean blanket, a camp cot, and some Mexican ceramic pieces. She didn't want me to give her any money, but I know she needs it, so we had this little discussion of how much I gave her. Norma delivered meals for me once a week last year, right after I was diagnosed with the metastases. She's been going through a tough time herself . . . so we support each other.

Then, it was home to see how Scott and Henk (my brother-in-law) were doing on the rebuilding of my fence. They got the posts in concrete yesterday - luckily, Henk had access to an auger that dug post holes in just a few minutes.

I then planted some plants I received from an auction Friday night at Eddie's school - one of the classes had a "gardening basket", so for $75, I got a yard cart, a ceramic pot, three dahlias, two pairs of gloves, Miracle Gro, two gardening tools, and potting soil. I think I got a great deal!

I also put some grass seed down in some bald spots in my lawn. I need to get some dirt or sand to put over that seed and hopefully, grass will sprout. I may also scatter around some flower seeds, too. Haven't decided yet what to do . . . maybe later today, I'll also try to find some white tile for my mandala mosaic.

I was tired last night. But a good tired, ya know?

Today, I plan to work some on an article while Scott puts the brackets on the fence. Then, maybe he and I can do something fun in the sun. I have softball practice at 3pm. Eddie will be home about 5pm.

Have a great day everyone!

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