Thursday, April 23, 2009

Four weeks down, six (five, really) to go

What am I talking about?


While my classes are going fairly well, or well enough anyway, I'm really feeling burntout.

I just want more time to write.

I can't wait to go back to Alaska this summer. I haven't been to Nome in two years, I think. That's a scary thought. I really miss the folks up there and my cousins. Hard to believe that my cousin's daughter, Katie, is five or thereabouts. Sheesh.

I'm looking forward to Norway in a couple of weeks. In addition to helping plan an indigenous placenames conference, we will actually get to go out on the land and visit Sami placenames. Soooo cool!

See - that's where my passion lies: in the research. Got to figure out a way to do more of that . . .

Six more weeks of classes to go, but really only five, since I'll be in Norway for a week. Who's counting?

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