Sunday, April 5, 2009

Norway Pics - Finally!

Here are some pictures from Bergen.

The first one is a shot of the Rosenkrantz, which was built in the 13th century and was a prison, I believe. Our hotel was located right next to it.

The second shot is of the Bryggen, or wharf. These are very old buildings which have settled catty-wampus. We were located about 5 minutes away.

The third shot was taken the day before my conference started. I took the shot for Carver - she's been photographing the spring blooms lately and I thought of her when I saw these blooming crocuses near a "kirken" or church.

This next shot was taken as we took the "funicular" or cable car up to the top of Mt. Floien. You can see this fjord, which was the one we could see from our hotel.

This is a picture taken at a reception held at Hakonshallen (sp?) located near the Rosenkrantz in the first picture. Yes, I'm holding a glass of wine, before the dais. I guess the only person who ever sits in the middle chair is the King. This hall was built by the King for his son in 1261, on the occasion of the son's wedding. Also, note the "orb" located around my belt-line.

Here is a shot of Scott on the dais. Note the orb on the chair and also a more faded one located to the right of the letters on his sweatshirt.

Here is a shot of the hall - just to give you perspective. During WWII, a bomb destroyed the wood roof, but the stone survived and they rebuilt it. Also, note the "orbs" floating around the ceiling. We took a lot of pictures in Norway, but the only orbs were located in this old hall - and one time, it showed up near Scott in our hotel room, located near this hall. Some believe that these are spirits hanging around . . .

This picture was taken by Beth as we walked around near the center of town - this was a street a few blocks long where there were a lot of cute shops, including the Asian market where I bought the calling card. Note the cobblestone street.

Scott took this shot to give a view of part of the city of Bergen.

Someone we sat near at another reception took this picture of me and Scott. This was at the hotel were the conference was located.

This was a picture Scott took of me and Beth, a grad student from UAF. Beth will work for me this summer and she and I cowrote an article together. This was located near the "bryggen".

Well, hope you enjoy the pics! We certainly enjoyed our time there!


Carver said...

You got some great shots in Norway and nice putting a face to Scott's name. You all both look great and like you had a fun trip!

Dee said...

Hi Carver,
I'd forgotten that you'd never seen Scott's picture. Scott took most of the pics, although I did take one of the crocuses because I was thinking of you. We had a great time . . . now it's back to work and the daily grind. Sigh. I wish I had more time for writing.