Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Good News - Oregon's drug repository

Here is a quote from my representative, Sara Gelser, about the drug repository bill:


I just wanted to let you know that your fantastic Charitable Pharmacy/Drug Repository bill just passed the House with no dissenting votes. From here it goes to the Senate, where I think it has a promising future.

If the bill passes the Senate, would you be interested in attending a bill signing ceremony for this bill? It would be great for you to meet the Governor, and get a pen. I'll also get you an official parchment copy of the bill with all the fancy seals when (knock on wood) it is enacted into law!

Thank you so much for your tremendous work on this!


Representative Sara Gelser

I responded by saying that I would most certainly enjoy attending the bill signing! Yippee!

If anyone has a chance, please email your Oregon state senators asking them to support the bill. I will keep you posted as things progress!


Carver said...

That's fabulous Dee!

Theresa said...

Let me know if you go! And if the press covers the event we have to get it into OSU Today!