Saturday, July 2, 2011

Too Much Too Soon, I Guess

Yesterday afternoon, about 5:30pm, I threw up, but I didn't have much in my system so there were some dry heaves, too.

I think, in the end, I tried to take too many herbs/medicines/supplements yesterday. In addition to the anti-seizure medication, I had the antibiotic, a probiotic, Chinese herbs for nausea and some for diarrhea, then because I was doing better in the afternoon, I took Chinese mushrooms and turmeric. I also had ginger tea.

At the time I threw up, about 30 min before, I had ginger tea and the tea pills for nausea. I think I threw it all up.

But an hour later, I was able to eat a turkey sandwich and then I ate applesauce through the evening and night. Kept it all down. My stomach actually felt okay into the evening. I just couldn't sleep because of my right arm/shoulder pain. Couldn't get comfortable. (Remember, I haven't taken Tylenol either in the interest of detoxifying and helping my digestive system to heal.)

I finally took an Ambien about 1:30am, slept a couple of hours, woke up briefly, and then slept almost another two hours. Got up and ate some applesauce, then slept another hour, from 5:30-6:30. Realized I was hungry so I ate yogurt and tried to go back to sleep at 7. No such luck.

My plan today - to keep the herbs/supplements/medicines to a minimum. I plan to only take the Chinese herbs for nausea and the anti-seizure medication and on a fuller belly later this am, the antibiotic. Nothing else, unless I get diarrhea, then I'll take one Imodium.

My biggest ambition today is to declutter Eddie's bedroom some more. He's with his dad today and will come home this evening. We'll see if I make it. Then if I still have energy, I may grout the new mosaic. At least, it's a sunny day!

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