Monday, July 11, 2011

Physical therapy and MRI

I saw my physical therapist who said that now that I have been treated with antibiotics for a few days, it is okay to begin wearing compressions garments again. The Area that was red and inflamed has improved, from her perspective, but it is still red and inflamed. So for now I will stay on the antibiotic.

My son saw the dentist and all is well - no cavities!

Then I had the MRI, both with and without contrast. It wad fine except I couldn't quite get my lymphedema arm comfortable. I will get results late tomorrow or Wed. I really hope there is nothing measurable there so I continue getting stronger and let my digestive system heal. (still have some diarrhea).

Went to some friends' child's fifth birthday at a local park. Eddie played at the park and in the sand. He did the same at my friends' softball game yesterday. It feels good to get out and about.

I am tired at the moment. Got about 7 hours last night. And my right shoulder and forearm seem less tense, as does my left shoulder. I think the Valium is working! Less anxious, muscles are relaxing. Getting more sleep. It is a good thing.

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