Sunday, July 24, 2011

Doing better so far today

I ended up with a lot of nausea on Friday -this was after taking the standard dose of 3 250-mg pills each day and one dose of Flagyl. The nausea lasted into Saturday morning. I took Zofran Friday night and Saturday morning. I am happy to report that since I stopped the antibiotic on Thursday, I finally don't have nausea.

But I do have pain in my shoulders and my right forearm. Dad finally talked me into taking Dilaudid so I took some about 1am and again at 7am. I will take that instead of Tylenol and will alternate that with Ibuprofen. I thnk the pain is less and allowed me to sleep better.

I do think the infection in my left arm (not armpit) is less. For now I will just use the antibiotic/silver powder and silver dressing, while I do WBR.

So my plan is to do the WBR, take the pain meds and the anti-nausea meds and try to keep the infection from getting worse.

Dad and Scott are building the deck in back. My friend will come over and help tomorrow. I think the rest of the summer will be spent trying to rest. And work on the back yard. Maybe later in the summer, I will be able to travel more..

Thank you all form the birthday wishes!


j said...

Dee --

I gotta say, your idea of "rest" still sounds pretty darn busy! :o)
A deck, doctors' appointments, Eddie's birthday, work on the backyard... This is NOT a criticism. Not one smidge! I'm just laughing a little and only now "getting" what people were trying to tell me when I was recovering from surgery (driving 3000 miles? really?!). (I wonder, do you think we are wired such that if we're not teaching/writing/researching then we consider ourselves slackers on some level?) Anyway, I see dealing with that whole gamma ray brain radiation what have you as a FULL TIME JOB. Throw in trying to make a nice life for Eddie and you definitely have more than your share of work on your plate. I am rooting for you. Today, everyday.

Jess Lanier said...

Hi Dee. I would like to bring the twins by for a visit if you are feeling up to it. Let me know. Jess