Sunday, July 10, 2011

Rest. It does a body good.

One of my blogging friends, Laurie, commented on my last blog post that rest is as much doing something as anything else. I feel like I have been doing nothing but rest lately, but it is a good reminder - again in this yang-addicted society and with my yang-addicted personality- that it is okay to do nothing.

I haven't done much today. Just ran an errand with dad. My eyes can't focus on anything close (one reason I am not blogging or on Facebook so much). I napped once. Chatted on the phone with a friend. But that is about it.

Yesterday, I paid bills and grouted my mosaic. Just need to do some finish work on it and put sealant on it and it's done.

Took the antibiotic yesterday and started Tykerb (just one pill so my body can get used to it and my digestive system can heal some more). So far so good. My stomach still cramps when I eat.

Oh, I also took a longer walk today. I try to do the "shee-shee-whoo" breath when I do. It is a qigong technique. My acupuncturist says that her teacher knows a group of cancer patients in China who do this three hours a day andnthey are cancer free. It is all part of my plan to take deeper breaths and work the anxiety out of my system.

I have take Valium the last three nights and that also helps. I am able to go longer stretches without eating (otherwise once an hour), so now I feel more human. There is less tension in my shoulders, which is a good thing.

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j said...

Rest. Ah yes. Thank you for reminding me! xo