Sunday, July 31, 2011

Continued taking it easy

I am continuing to take it easy. Dad and Scott continue to work on the deck - it wile really cool when it's done! Mom and dad are out running errands. I am finding it harder to find movies on TV today, but they are there.

I slept okay last night, too, although my TV was on most of the night. Seems like I might wake up every couple of hours, fill my glass with ice, and eat some fruit snacks. Seems like these fruit snacks work really well for me.

I think the Dilaudid is making me constipated, but better that than feeling pain. Will get Chinese herbs to help with that.

My neck and shoulders really hurt when I woke up about 10pm last night, so I lowered my pillow and that helped for today. Still used a lot of heat to loosen up.

I get tired every time I take Dilaudid, but that is better than not sleeping.

I didn't even take a Zofran today. Let's see how ling that'll last.

It is a sunny day, but not as hot as yesterday, thank goodness. Seems to make my lymphedema worse. But resting as my doctors ordered.

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