Wednesday, December 29, 2010

What's the Plan, man?

I talked to Dr. K today about what our next course of action is. He tried to get hold of Dr. D at UW all day today, to no avail. I also saw Dr. F, the surgeon, today, as well as the wound care nurse.

The wound care nurse saw the tissue forming in the wound and said that it did look cancerous - it's bumpy and doesn't look healthy at all.

I showed Dr. F the new nodule I felt yesterday - it's growing behind my armpit/shoulder, so it appears as if the cancer is trying to move to my back. He felt it was new since two weeks ago.

Dr. K definitely feels that we should add something to the mix - and with the new nodule, I agree (I think I have a total of 15-16 nodules in and around the wound). I asked if it should be Herceptin and he said that that would make sense.

So, tomorrow, when I go in for treatment, I will have Abraxane, Zometa, and Herceptin. Herceptin makes sense - if Abraxane is knocking out those lovely Herminator-2 cells (which attack the Her-2 positive cancer), then my arsenal doesn't have the tools to fight the Her-2 positive cancer. Herceptin can do that. Maybe that's the ingredient that will knock out the nodules for good.

In other words, it's an A to Z day tomorrow - or maybe now I should call it an "AHZ" Day or a "ZAH" Day or a "HAZ" day. Hey, I like "HAZ", short for "hazard". This combo will be a hazard to the chemo cells. Yeeeaaaahhh, I like that. Okay, HAZ, time to do your stuff! Let's knock our these nodules once and for all!

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