Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve and Day Happenings

Eddie is with his dad for a while today, but he'll be home around mid-afternoon. My family will be here by about 5pm and we'll have snacks set up (one of the favorite ways my family likes to eat) and probably around 6 or 7pm, we'll exchange our gifts.

Eddie gets to stay with me so that Santa can visit our house. He'll stay here until mid-morning and then he'll be with his dad until 6pm. That's when we'll eat dinner. I think we're doing a non-traditional dinner this year. For some reason, turkey and ham just doesn't sound very good.

I have a few things yet to do today - making a necklace, a few more rhymes, and then transferring the photos and contacts to our new phone. (I switched to CREDO Mobile - I found out that both Verizon and AT&T donated money to Tea Party candidates and other politicians that don't support a woman's right to choose or who don't support climate change legislation - plus, in the end, it'll cost about the same, but I will get $100 per phone back in a couple of months. CREDO supports progressive causes.)

I didn't sleep long enough last night - between the caffeine keeping me up too late last night and a cat wanting out of my room early this morning - so I hope at some point to be able to rest.

As I start my day, I want to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Love to you from me and my family!


Carver said...

Dear Dee,

I hope you, Eddie, and your family have a wonderful Christmas and New Year ahead. I didn't realize that about Verizon and A T & T. I get credo offers a lot and haven't made the change but after learning this I may have to. Cheers, Carver

Dee said...

Hi Carver,
Merry Christmas to you! Well, the info about Verizon and AT&T came from CREDO, so maybe I shouldn't trust their claims. On the other hand, I don't trust big business.