Sunday, December 19, 2010

Christmas Happenings

As expected, I didn't sleep well Friday night - that was due to the Abraxane. So, I spent most of Saturday at home. It took me a few hours to wrap presents, in-between watching movies, of course. Mom and dad had wrapped their presents a few days ago, so now our living room is even more festive with presents under the tree!

I also brought a meal over to a colleague and visited with her and her husband.

In the evening, I changed my toenail color and put a nail strengthener on my fingernails, which continue to chip and split. I found a dark green color at Freddies the other day that I'm using on my toes. Dad thinks it looks more like teal, which it does in some lights. It has sparkles. I like it!

I also put a ribbon inside the wool felt hat I bought for myself a couple of weeks ago. The wool made my head itch. Now, I hope that it won't. It's not a professional stitching job, but it will do the trick.

Today, I have to run a few errands, but otherwise, I plan to play with beads and jewelry. Also, make a couple of final preparations for heading to Seattle next week for a couple of days. Eddie wants to go to the Mindbender's Mansion exhibit at the Pacific Science Center. They also, coincidentally, have a Harry Potter exhibit as well. I think we're heading up with my sister's family.

I think I'm having coffee later with a friend.

In other words, a relaxing day. I didn't get as much sleep as I wanted . . . the only thing marring a good restful weekend is an academic bully. But we won't talk about it here. I'm putting that aside until after New Year's.

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