Thursday, December 23, 2010

Some of the 25 Days of Silly Rhymes

A couple of years ago, I bought a little house for Eddie that has 25 little doors in it, for the 25 Days of Christmas. Usually, for the first few days, I will put pieces of gum or candy, or coins or dollar bills in the little doors.

But then the gifts get a little bigger. I got the bright idea this year to go to the Dollar Tree and I found a few things that I thought he would like. But I can't hide the bigger things in the little doors, so then I make up a silly rhyme that tells Eddie what the thing is and where to find it in the house, so it's a treasure hunt of sorts. It's the first thing he does when he gets up in the morning and the last thing he reminds me to do before bed. Trust me, I need the reminder because I have forgotten to do it once or twice and wake up in the middle of the night to write the rhyme and hide the gift!

Anyway, I share with you some of the silly rhymes:

Already this Christmas, we're on Day #9
And, if you are lucky, we'll all be just fine
I've put the two gifts in the room where we dine
The first is a fun and quite festive candy
The second you scratch if a quarter is handy
Look by the snowmen, quite jolly and dandy!

For Day #10, you get a few jokes
I'm just thankful they don't take egg yolks
You can find them in something you put your cold foots
It's in your room in a pair of snow boots
The boots are next to your toy box
Not in the drawer with all your socks

It's too bad Day 11 was full of bad luck
When you scatch it, I hope we get more than a buck
The more you scratch, the less our troubles
It's a favorite of ours, the one with the bubbles
You'll find it way up on top of a shelf
It's near the houses and lights that are friendly to elves

Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells is a song that everyone sings
Gift #12 is for you, a magical set of rings
Please look inside the refrigerator door
For a very fun gift I found at the store

So, your present today is not a fable
But I dare you to solve it if you're able
Don't look for this gift on the TV cable
And, I wouldn't suggest that you ask Mable
Find the clue to your search is on this label
Look for your gift below the coffee table

It's Day 14 and I want to say Yoi!
Because I'm a weirdo and you're a boy!
Your gift today is a fun combo toy
It's sure to bring you lots of joy
Go into the room with lots of flushes
It's under the sink, not with the plushes!

And now for your hunting pleasure
A way for you to find buried treasure
Hmm, but maybe it's all a big trick
So make sure it's a fun person you pick
The person should have a sense of humor
Because this gift is hidden, according to rumor,
Up in one of the Christmas stockings,
So, hurry up, the clock is tick tockings.

Wow, can you believe it's Day 16?
Your gift can be something hard to clean
I must be weird, you know what I mean?
For giving you slime, not a jelly bean
The slime can be found inside my shoe
I guess I like to spoil my boogaloo

Day 17
Today, here's a way to prepare for up north
A book of puzzles and quizzes for you to go forth
To Mindbender's Mansion at Pacific Science Center
(Let's hope we don't get into a fender bender!)
The book can be found under the tree
Now hurry and find it before you have to go pee.

Day 18
Now there are only 6 more days
I hope you like the way it plays
It's one of those things that has a spinner
It's in the room where we cook dinner
It's hanging out with a clementine
I hope you find it, son of mine

Day 19
Today's gift is a magic deck
To find it, you need to stretch your neck
Pretend that you are a tall giraffe
I promise that none of us will laugh
I hid the deck above a curtain
It's in my room, of this I"m certain

Day 20
For you, a bath is nothing but troubles
But I think you'll like finding these bubbles
This gift you'll find beneath my hats
I had to hide them from our kitty cats!

Day 21
Hooray! For today is Day 21!
Let's hope the day brings all kinds of fun
Don't worry, I didn't get you a hen
For you, it's a black and orange Pen-Guin
It's in honor of Awesome 46792
Tucked inside the sleeping bag blue

Day 22
Now you know rhyming clues is hard
As well as deciding where to place the cards
Some players and the champion fight
Yes, you guessed it, it's Poker Night!
On the bottom of my bedside table
Find the tissue, if you're able

Day 23
The Days of Christmas are nearing their end
LIke your fingers, this present can bend
Amazingly, they also stretch
But if you want them, you'll have to fetch
If you haven't guess by now, they're silly bands
Inside my jacket you should put your hands

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