Monday, December 27, 2010

Doing Fun Things With Family

Yesterday, Eddie and I drove to Seattle. We stopped by the Old Spaghetti Factory in Portland for lunch and then played in their mini-arcade.

Then, we drove the rest of the way to Seattle. We got here about 4:45 and promptly relaxed. I even had pizza delivered. My sis and her family arrived by about 8:46. Eddie was glad to see them as was I. I guess they ran into traffic.

This morning, we went to the Pacific Science Center so Eddie could see Mindbender Mansion. He loved this exhibit, by the way. Kenna (my niece), Eddie, and I did all the puzzles on the clue card and were inducted into the Mindbender Mansion Wall of Fame. Eddie also loved the Spelling Fever. We watched the IMAX film, Legends of Flight in 3D. It was a cool show, even if it was a big cheerleading show by Boeing, who probably sponsored the film. Very cool graphics.

Rena and Henk wanted to watch the Blazer game and I managed to find a sports bar across the street from the Space Needle and near our hotel -gotta live smartphones!- and then after dinner, I took the kiddos to the Space Needle and we went to the top. It was chilly and rainy, but very cool to see the lights. Someone had a huge peace sign on Queen Anne hill. I also lived the big snow globe white lights at the valet entrance to the Space Needle. Very pretty. I even took the kids to the gift shop and we all found souvenirs. And the Blazers won the game. Then the kids even went to the hot tub.

My legs are tired and achey, my lower back is achey, and maybe I should've stayed home and saved the money (even though I budgeted for it). But you know, it was worth it. I enjoyed doing something fun with Eddie -I mean, Eddie and Kenna and I tested our wits at Mibdbender Mansion which I enjoy - and with my family. I guess I just think that I go through so much crap that I deserve to do something fun. And I want to make fun memories with Eddie because, well, you never know.

BTW, Eddie tied the top score at the Spelling Fever. That was worth it right there.

Life is still good, even with satellite tumors. Life is good. And since it was my off week from Abraxane, I had enough energy to enjoy my time here. Yay!

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