Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Taking it Easy - in Theory

Happy Christmas Week!

I have been trying to take it easy. Yesterday, I didn't have any appointments and only ran an errand or two with Eddie. We wanted to go to Wacky Bounce, but they were closed because of a private party.

Eddie helped me make up some silly rhymes for a Christmas treasure hunt for my niece and nephew. I also worked on a couple of necklaces and relaxed in my room.

Today, I see the wound care nurse - I've been using turmeric mixed with aloe vera gel on the wound and I think that it has stopped draining as much as it was. It'll be interesting to see what she says.

I do need to go into the office to fax a couple of things and talk about a grant index for a few minutes. Also, I want to pick up a couple of references . . .

BTW, still dealing with that difficult person. I'm having trouble letting go of the whole situation because that person is being unreasonable. It seems the option is to either not say anything and be professional or stand up to him. However, I think there will be some resolution soon . . .

Then, after lunch, I will pick up my niece and nephew and then I will take them and Eddie to Eugene to play laser tag. I'll bring a book to read.

All in all, a good day planned.

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