Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Christmas Program This Evening

In other news, my son's school (the upper grades) is having a Christmas Program. We'll be leaving the house in about 20 minutes or so. It should be fun. He's the first narrator.

Eddie and I worked on his Social Studies chart this evening - talk about pulling teeth! I'm glad that the worst part of it is completed. He now needs to finish filling in thee parts of the chart. But he can do that at school.

I had lunch with Heather, today, of My Xeloda fame. She also paid for lunch which was very sweet of her. Thank you, Heather! Local Boyz was our choice! Yum! I ran errands to Michaels and Border Books this afternoon. Chatted with a colleague about indigenous cultures and reviving them. So, an enjoyable afternoon.

Tomorrow, I have acupuncture first thing in the morning. Then, I will write my final report to NSF and do the IRB close out.

Then, I'm done until January 3. I think I need a break. Relax. Enjoy the holiday. Have fun and put off any treatment decisions until next week.

I'll finish my Christmas cards this evening. Yay!


Jill said...

Hi Dee.
I am sure you have really enjoyed your son's concert tonight. I went to my little grandson's last night and it certainly was a great pick me up.
I hope that you can put everything aside for a bit and try to relax and enjoy the holidays.
Merry Christmas Dee!


Dee said...

Thank you, Jiill! I appreciate your well wishes, especially since I just got caught up on your blog - wow, you've really had a time of it with your latest surgery! I hope you are doing better! Take care, okay?