Monday, July 12, 2010

What I Did Last Week-end

I had a busy week-end, as usual.  Eddie was with his dad.  I had a softball game on Friday (we lost 17-9, but it was fun) and then we went to a teammates' new house. It's really nice with some pretty updates! I was up past midnight that night . ..

And, then Saturday, I ran to the Dollar Tree and got some supplies for Eddie's birthday party on the 24th.  Then, dad, Scotty, mom and I worked to declutter the house - since it was rather warm out to be working outside.  We rearranged furniture in the front room and brought some things out to the garage, then we decided to give away old textbooks.  We managed to give ourselves a bit more room and we got a lot of things off of counters and other surfaces.  Then, we reorganized the books in my parents' room.  Then, I went to my friends' house to play cards and hang out on a warm summer evening.  Yay!

Sunday, I cleaned, did some touch-up paint work in my bedroom, then attended a friend's daughter's birthday party, then took some stuff to my office, and played softball (we won 10-3!).  Whew!  I was tired and I'm still tired today.  I think that I must've ended up with caffeinated diet pepsi instead of caffeine-free diet pepsi last night. 

Today, Eddie had a swimming lesson, then I did some work at home, then I had physical therapy, then worked in my office and wrote some emails.  I need to work on my chapter summary on the Inupiaq/Yup'ik view of Alaska Statehood!  I need to send in revisions next Monday! 

So, a productive time.  I plan on relaxing at Cathie's!

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Liz Kreger said...

Sounds like an incredibly busy weekend, Dee. Doesn't it seem like the summer is just flying by? I can't believe its already the middle of July.