Thursday, July 8, 2010

Finally! Summer!

When summer arrives in the great Pacific Northwest, it arrives! Our weather finally got above the mid 70's on Tuesday, maybe around 85. An old friend of mine from high school, C., drove her boat up from southern California and stayed in a local hotel. I met her for dinner - she was gracious enough to pay - and we had a great time sitting on the patio, enjoying a delicious margarita and a great dinner.

Eddie and I will drive up to Camano Island to stay with C.'s mom and husband for four nights. We will get to go out on the boat, crabbing or whatever, C's stepfather said he could take Eddie for a ride on his Harley. C. will go with me to my appointment at UW next Thursday and C.'s parents said Ed can stay with them. They also have a wii, which made Eddie happy. So, I will get Tues afternoon, Wed., and Fri. to hang out on the boat. Maybe even Thurs evening. C. Sent me a picture of the view from her mom's house - I could see a great backyard, water, and mountains in the distance. Absolutely gorgeous!

Last night, I went with Cat, Goo, and Baby Goo to hang out in the Marys River to cool off. I think it got up to 99 yesterday. It was hot!

Other than that, I have been getting caught up at work. Still need to make revisions on an article.

Dad is working hard on Eddie's "Edstacle Course" for his Wipe-out Kids' Edition birthday party. There is one more obstacle to finish. I think Eddie is going to have a great time! I will post pictures. Thanks, dad!

Otherwise, I have been slowly getting my work caught up and need to work on revisions on a chapter summary. I am working with a grad student on an independent study, and am supervising three, well, four students on various projects. My office is almost finished - I reorganized and cleaned it up and there are only one or two more things to do.

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