Wednesday, July 28, 2010

In Alaska

After a busy couple of days, I arrived in Alaska last night. I am staying with one of my cousins (there are or were 43 of us; several have passed away) and her son (C. And E.). We have already had some good talks and this evening, we visited with Teddy and Iviana, two of the elders in my community. I had to ask them about bird songs and greetings, but we also heard a lot of other stories.

This afternoon, we had lunch with our other cousin, Toni, and her kids. Then I took Toni and her kids shopping.

So it was a busy day!

As for the new symptom, the swollen groin, my oncologist felt that it was mostly due to the t-cell infusions. I think it might also have to do with the heat because The swelling has gone down some since I arrived in Alaska. Just in case, he gave me an antibiotic, in case the swollen nodes in my armpit have a secondary infection (I had a low-lying fever). He also gave me a prescription for a mild pain pill that kinda makes me tired. The pain pills have helped me sleep the last two nights.

So, I am busy. Everyone wants to know where Eddie and my mom are, but I couldn't afford to bring them with me this time.

Well, off to bed. I am tired!

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