Monday, July 12, 2010

Lymph Node Update and Camano Island

Before I head out to Camano Island and my next visit to UW, I wanted to report on the status of my lymph nodes.  They are still swollen and it *may* be slightly smaller.  Hard to tell.  I still have a handful of those other little nodules around the swollen area.  So, mainly, no real changes.

I have my next appointment at UW on Thursday the 15th.  I will have a CT scan and a booster vaccine.  I guess I'll know more after I get the results of the CT scan.

The good news is that Eddie and I leave tomorrow morning, after his swimming lesson, to head north to Camano Island (no, not north to Alaska - that's later this month), which is one of the San Juan Islands, located about an hour and a half north of Seattle.  We will stay with the mom and stepdad of one of my friends from high school, C.  C. and I worked together at Tastee Treet back in the day.  We figured it had been 28 years since we saw each other - and were lucky enough to reconnect on Facebook.  C. is an ovarian cancer survivor and her mom had breast cancer five years ago.

C. brought her boat (for skiing and crabbing) with her, to park at her mom's house.  We plan to go out on the boat, enjoy C.'s cooking (she owns her own restaurant in Tehachipi, CA), and chill out.  C.'s mom and step dad have a wii and C's stepdad has a Harley and said he'd give Eddie a ride if he wanted.

I  am sooooo looking forward to it!

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