Monday, July 5, 2010

Holiday Weekend Happenings

I hope that you all had a great holiday week-end.  I did.  It was relaxing.
On Friday, a friend of mine, R., stopped by to tell us how to stabilize the "Tarzan Swing" which goes over the water hazard. Afterwards, since I kept him waiting, I bought him a pint or two at Squirrel's and we played a few rounds of pool.  First time in years that we played.  Squirrel's was our destination of choice after our volleyball games - almost 20 years ago. 

On Saturday, we spent most of the day around the house.  Had to go to Home Depot for a few supplies for Eddie's "Edstacle" course, for his "Wipe-out Kids' Edition" Birthday Party.  One might wonder why I'm going to all of this expense for a one-time deal .  . . my reply would be is that both the mud pit with the "Slick Beam" and the "Tarzan Swing" draw my son out to the back yard to try his hand at the course and away from his Wii and the computer.  Saturday evening, we headed down to Corvallis' Red, White, and Blue Festival.  Eddie played on the inflatables, we listened to the band, dad got french friends, we shared an Elephant Ear, and had fun.

On Sunday, we ran some errands and then we went to Fort Hoskins Park and did the little interpretive trail, then decided to drive to the Coast for dinner. We were, in essence, chasing blue sky.  The blue sky was west of us and when we walked into the restaurant, it was sunny (although the clouds were just offshore).  When we went back to the car, it was cloudy and we chased the blue sky inland back to Corvallis.  We stayed home for the fireworks display - we were tired, for one, and Eddie does not like the sound of the explosions.  We could see the fireworks just over our backyard fence, between two tall trees in our neighbor's yard.

Today, Eddie had a swimming lesson, then I had an acupuncture appointment, then after lunch, Ed's dad picked him up and we ran some errands, figured out a potential solution for a "Dizzy Dumbie" - a spinning obstacle - and dad barbecued our dinner.

Today, I read two of the chapters of the Alaska Native View of Statehood, in order to incorporate links in my own chapter to these other chapters. I have one more chapter to read and then a bit of analysis.  But I think this evening, I will work on my mask collage. 

So, a good week-end.  Relaxing.  I hope you all had a great week-end, too.

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