Wednesday, June 9, 2010

UW Clinical Trial - Visit 6 Tomorrow

I head back to Seattle tomorrow, for the next set of Herminator-2 cells.  I think they are working, as I mentioned in my last post.  The swelling has increased in my left armpit, which is an indication that the t-cells are in there, knocking out the cancer cells. 

I'll blog about it when I'm up there.

I also received another $60 donation (bringing the total to $1410) and another $200 gas card.  A good thing because I paid out about $600 cash last week, for three nights in Seattle. I figured I've used about $1150-1200 cash for the six visits so far (paid for four nights hotel, parking, food, gas); I've had four nights in a hotel arranged for me (about $750-800 worth); and I've used an additional $200 in gas.

Traveling back and forth to Seattle for this trial has been expensive:  to date, if I'd have to pay for the hotels and other gas charges, I probably would've had about $2200 out-of-pocket travel expenses.

So, this is another note of appreciation to those individuals who gave me donations:  the Chaplain's Office at Good Samaritan Hospital, an anonymous donor at the Regional Cancer Center, my friend "K", and my friend and colleage "Ms. K", and the American Cancer Society.  Thank you! 

And, while I have to pay $100 for a hotel tomorrow, plus food, I do have a hotel room set up by the ACS next week.  Thank you!