Thursday, June 24, 2010

Lymph Nodes Update - and Cleaning My Office

My lymph nodes on the left side are still swollen and tender.  But nothing more or less than they've been the last week.  Dr. K called me on Sunday, while I was playing softball, to ask me how I was doing.  I'm doing fine.  As well as can be expected.  I get tired, but that doesn't seem unusual.  I'm still fairly active during the day. 

I have been dealing with what I think is plantar fasciitis.  I've chatted about it with both my physical therapist and my acupuncturist and they've given me some exercises and other tips to help.  Not sure if it's caused by my Chacos or by wearing the Keens all winter and walking without enough arch support.  My acupuncturist said that it is caused by the fascia not having enough fluids - and in general, a lot of my tissues are drier than usual because of the treatments. I do drink a lot of water every day - so it's not a matter of not getting enough fluids in my body - it's more that the fluids aren't getting to where they need to go. 

In work news, I haven't been doing much actual work - but have been cleaning and reorganizing my office.  I took out a couple of big desks and replaced them with narrower tables and another filing cabinet.  B. is helping me - and she's great!  I think I'm getting closer . . . once it's done, then I can turn my head to some actual work.  Because then I can actually find whatever it is I need!  LOL

In other news, I have been slowly getting back into dating again ... I have one coming up this week-end.  At the very least, this guy and I share a love for the Oregon coast.  I have no expectations . . . I figure this may take time.  I figure I don't really need a man.  It would just be nice.  I'm happy being single.  I love my life.  Sharing it with someone would be a bonus.  I will say that I'm very up front about my cancer status on my profile .. . something as big as having metastatic breast cancer is not something you spring on someone later. 

Well, off to enjoy the sun!


Joanna said...

Hi Dee,

I, too, had the plantar fasciitis. Bummer. The worst aggravation for it is to go barefoot or in sandals. Eventually when it heals, you can revert to your wicked ways. It might help to take a medium size can (unopened of course) and roll the arch of your foot around it, particularily in the morning. I would also do this in the evening while watching tv.
Make sure the arch support in your softball footwear coincides with where your arch actually is and that your shoes aren't sloppy. Tennis shoes are great to allow your foot to heal.

I survived Herceptin and a nine hour plane trip tp London. When is your herceptin?

Dee said...

Hi Joanna,
My Chaco sandals have probably the best arch support of any shoes I have. Keens are okay - maybe not as good as the Chacos - and I wore them all winter walking, which makes me think they aggravated the plantar faciitis.

I have Herceptin on Monday, the 28th. Glad to hear you survived the treatment AND your nine-hour plane trip to London! Good for you!