Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Thankful for Old Friends

On the last trip to Seattle, my brother, my son, and I stayed with an old friend from high school, S., and her family.  It was a nice, relaxing, trip, and I enjoyed visiting with S., again.  S. and I reconnected via Facebook around the holidays this year.  I worked for her dad for almost three years in high school. 

Last year, when I first got on Facebook, one of my early "friends" on that site was another high school friend, C., who also worked at the same place as me (for S.'s dad).  C. will be driving from southern California to north of Seattle, Camano Island (near Whidby Island), to bring her boat to her mom's and her mom's husband's house.  C. will be there almost three weeks.

Last week, I realized that I would be in Seattle when she will be on Camano Island.  So, I asked and she said it was okay if I came up to hang out with her and her family on the boat for a couple of nights.

Then, on Monday, while C. and I chatted on Facebook, I thought that maybe I could go up a day or two earlier and extend my stay.  But then I don't want to leave Eddie for that long.  So, I asked if he could join us.  C. said she'd check with her mom and her husband. 

And, yesterday, they said, "Yes!".  B., the husband, said that he would even offer Eddie a ride on the Harley.  And, B., and C.'s mom would take care of Eddie for a few hours while C. and I drove in to Seattle for my UW appointment.

Wow!  Don't I have great, wonderful friends?  I do.  I am sooo sooo fortunate.

This is especially good because I found out last week that I didn't need just one new crown, but a second one and a new filling.  Originally, it was $1000 more than I had money for this summer . . . then my dentist took out the costs for the "crown build-up", which saved me $500.  But I still have to pay an additional $500 extra out of pocket.  There goes any work I had planned for converting my garage or renting a place at the Oregon Coast for a week.  So, hanging out with a friend at her family's house in the San Juan's - an activity where my only out of pocket will be gas and my and Eddie's food - is all the more welcome!  Thank you, C., B., and L.! 

And, yes, a thank you to my dentist for writing off some of the costs of the crown.

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Carver said...

I can relate to the dental work and how expensive it is. Great that you could get together with friends in Seattle and that Eddie could come too.