Sunday, June 20, 2010

Post-Hermination Fun

After I got my Herminator-2 cells on Thursday, I met my brother Scotty and Eddie back down at the Seattle Center.  They spent about 4 hours down there at the Experience Music Project/Science Fiction Museum, and played at the arcade and rode rides.  I did a little jam with Eddie. 

By the time we got to our hotel room, I was really really tired.  We had traveled from Corvallis that morning.  So, we ordered room service and just hung out there for the evening.

The next morning, we drove south to Federal Way where we played at Wild Waves all day (from about 11am - after breakfast - to about 4pm).  We got wet, rode the wooden roller coaster, and watched Eddie play in the Wave Pool.  Luckily, the sun broke out about 1pm.

Then, we drove to my friend's house in Bremerton.  S. and I went to high school together and attended the same church and I worked for her dad all through high school. Her boys are 9 and 6 and Eddie really enjoyed them when we stayed with them back in April.

Had pizza for dinner and relaxed.  Got up the next morning . . . and relaxed.  I think we watched at least two movies.  Eddie played with the boys.  In the afternoon, we visited the USS Turner Joy on the Bremerton waterfront.  We had fun seeing the sailors' cramped quarters and climbing up and down ladders.  Then, back to S's house, and then to their friends' house for a barbecue.  Eddie enjoyed it. They had a trampoline and a wii and there were lots of kiddos around.  I enjoyed visiting with their friends, but by about 9:30pm, I was tired.  My feet hurt. My lymph nodes were tender.

Then, we drove home, with only a couple of stops here and there.  Dropped Eddie off at his dad's house.  I unpacked and then went to my softball game.

All in all, a great week-end.  Thank you, S., for hosting us! It's much appreciated!

What's up for tomorrow?  An acupuncture treatment.  Then, coming up with a plan to organize my office.  I'm getting rid of my huge desk and I got another filing cabinet. 


Joanna said...

I love that you played softball after your treatment. Keep enjoying life! You are an energetic person.

I have Herceptin tomorrow and then leave for London afterward. This should be interesting.

Liz Kreger said...

Sounds like a wild and crazy visit, Dee. Very cool that you were able to fit so much in ... even after a treatment.

Joanna ... good luck with leaving for London after Herceptin. Do you handle the treatment okay?

Dee said...

Safe travels to London! That's exciting! I lived in London for about three months in 2005. I'm not a big city person . . . so I was stressed a lot. I did, however, get to see a lot of really cool stuff while I was there! So,it wasn't all bad. Enjoy your trip!

Liz, thanks! I am following your lead on keeping busy after a treatment! : ) You continue to inspire me, lady!